Dali Rubicon LCR On Wall Speakers

£1199.00 each RRP now £700 each ex demo white only

Black,Rosewood,Walnut or White finshes

The wall-mounted RUBICON LCR is simply born to stand out in both sound performance and design with the hybrid tweeter module and the wood fibre low-loss driver. The compact RUBICON LCR delivers a wide dynamic range, a coherent sound with lots of details all together with a bass response that’s unrivalled in its class. The rotatable hybrid tweeter module makes it possible to use the RUBICON LCR as either the left or right channel, or as a centre speaker. The 6½ inch woofer uses the ingeniously designed bass port to reach maximum bass depth. With the RUBICON LCR, we promise you a sound performance that will dazzle you and leave you with goose bumps.

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We are very proud to announce that the DALI RUBICON LCR has been awarded with an EISA award for “Best Product 2014/2015” in the category “EUROPEAN On-Wall Speaker”. This prestigious award is decided by expert representatives of the hi-fi reviewing community from all across Europe.

“[…] the RUBICON LCR is a persuasive one-stop solution for both stereo and multichannel sound.”

The EISA committee judges the DALI RUBICON LCR best for its acoustic performance, stylish design and great flexibility in its performance.