Project Phono Box DS


  • Audiophile-Grade Components and Performance
  • SMD Circuitry
  • Ultra Low Noise & Low Level Distortion
  • Linear RIAA Equalization
  • Switchable Subsonic Filter
  • Switchable Input Impedance / Capacitance / Gain


The Phono Box DS is an ultra-low-noise phono pre-amplifier that benefits from the same outstanding circuit layout of the superior Phono Box DS+. The Phono Box DS is essentially a stream-lined version of its more advanced sibling.

Compared to the DS+, the Phono Box DS does not have the screen or the same gold-contact relay-switching; but it does benefit from a more attractive price and an equal focus on user-friendliness. For the first time, nearly all setup options can be made via a simple button/led indicator on the front panel, avoiding the need for miniature dip-switches or jumpers.

This popular member of the iconic Phono Box range offers exceptional performance and maximum flexibility for almost any MM or MC Cartridge available, making the DS an instant market leader considering its attractive price and stylish design. The carefully selected amplifier modules and audiophile-grade capacitors then guarantee a breath-taking sound experience.

A subsonic filter, that prevents your amplifier and speakers from suffering with ultra-low rumble below 20Hz, is also positioned on the rear panel.