Pioneer N 50 AE Network Player


Network player with integrated dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth, airplay, HiRes audio playback, integrated music services, FireConnect for multi-room playback, internet radio and USB digital input

Your reliable partner for all streaming operations: the N-50AE returns music as you wish – and sounds better than you would have dreamed of. Future-proof thanks to upgradeability and FireConnect for multi-room playback, comfortable thanks to integrated WiFi and intuitive control with the Pioneer Remote App.


The challenging solution for all streaming tasks

The N-50AE is designed to give musicians maximum freedom and diversity. No matter which path you prefer, discover and enjoy music, whether it’s a smartphone, cloud music services, a local NAS server, a USB hard disk or simply a PC: the new N-50AE streaming unit always opens up music the ideal playback option, without you having to think about it or even get used to it. The integrated streaming services Tidal, Deezer and Spotify, DLNA streaming with full HiRes and DSD support, TuneIn’s premium Web radio offering as well as AirPlay, integrated Chromecast technology and Bluetooth for connecting mobile devices ensure an inexhaustible music repertoire. The N-50AE has a high-quality 32-bit DAC from ESS and separate power supply units for analogue and digital modules, so that its sound potential is always fully developed. Because streaming means not only an unprecedented selection, but with HiRes it also allows access to a previously unachievable sound level far above the CD standard. Thanks to MQA, the N-50AE HiRes quality is possible even without prior download, simply with Tidal-Streaming directly from the web. The N-50AE also features a powerful, cross-manufacturer FireConnect standard – for precise multi-room synchronous playback and remote access via network.