B&W Px Headphones

£329.99 ex demo £279.00

Noise cancelling wireless headphones. PX combines incredible sound with adaptable noise cancellation, 22-hour battery life and intuitive controls that respond naturally to your behaviour.


Bowers & Wilkins’ performance in the headphone market is the sporting equivalent of a Gaelic footballer arriving in the Premier League and picking up the Golden Boot in their first season.

Sure, there are similarities, but essentially it’s a different game with different opposition, different rules and different demands.

But ever since B&W’s first pair arrived on the scene in 2009, the company hasn’t looked back. Some of its headphones have had as much impact as B&W’s traditional loudspeakers.

The new Bowers & Wilkins PX – the company’s first wireless headphones with built-in noise-cancelling – are the latest in a long line.

To anyone acquainted with B&W’s line of on- and over-ear headphones, the PXs will look familiar. But while they share some of their DNA, they’re also quite distinct in their own right.

The Space Grey finish of our review sample may look like an attempt to appeal to Apple fans, but it also highlights the PXs’ more industrial design.

That’s not to say the headphones don’t have shelf-appeal, but the optional (and much more flamboyant) Soft Gold finish shows off your PXs better.

The headphones are constructed predominantly from lightweight aluminium and use what B&W refers to as “ballistic nylon shell” to cover the outer earpads and the top of the headband.

This means the PXs feel both reassuringly solid yet perfectly portable.

In a world dominated by Beats and EarPods, a pair of quality headphones like the PXs only serves to enhances B&W’s reputation.

Excellent wireless sound quality, impressive noise-cancelling and a rewarding user experience make the Bowers & Wilkins PX a fantastic audio package.